10 Reasons Why the Tilley Hat Deserves the Title of the Worlds Greatest Hat

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Every year without fail our hat shop and online store will feature at least one Tilley hat in their bestseller lists. So why are these hats so popular? They provide so many benefits to the wearer at an affordable price. Many hat manufacturers feature UPF sun protection for example but none offer a lifetime guarantee or water resistance combined with this feature. Of course there are many other factors and features that make the Tilley stand out but overall the quality and features are the main focus of this practical hat. Below we have the top 10 benefits of a Tilley Hat.

    • Guaranteed for Life: Perhaps the stand out benefit of the Tilley Hat. The guaranteed against loss policy is automatically issued on purchasing your usa hat. This policy covers you in the unlikely event that your Tilley shrinks, wears out or develops mildew. A no quibble policy which is honoured by Tilley no matter where your hat is purchased in the world.
    • Insured Against Loss: Again like the guaranteed for life policy, the insured against loss feature is automatically included with your purchase. This policy lasts for two years after your purchase date. If you lose your hat or it suffers grievous damage, Tilley will meet you half way and deduct 50% off a replacement.
    • UPF 50+ Sun Protection: Today its incredibly important we protect ourselves from the sun. The head, neck and face are often prone to the sun’s harmful rays so wearing a hat is vital. Many hats carry UPF certified sun rating. They are thoroughly tested at how effectively they reflect UV rays. all Tilley hats offer a certified 50+ UPF rating.
    • Lightweight, Breathable & Crushable: Both the summer and winter ranges of hats offer a great choice of materials. The cotton duck, organic cotton & Tilley’s Nylamtium materials are incredibly lightweight for the summer and fully crushable. Every hat including the winter tweeds and waxed have British brass ventilation grommets to allow great air circulation. You can always be assured with whichever Tilley you purchase it will be crushable, breathable and manufactured to be as light as possible.
    • Secret Pocket & Owner’s Manual: In the upper part of the crown you will have a secret pocket with Velcro closure. This little pocket is perfect for storing money, bank cards & keys. Inside this pocket will also be your owner’s manual, this contains every piece of information you need regarding your hat in 8 languages.
    • Water Resistant: All Tilley’s offer water resistance but of course if you require a hat to be completely waterproof then you would need a waxed cotton hat. Fully water resistant with all the original benefits of every other Tilley.
    • Comfort: Another important feature is of course is comfort. What good is a hat with all of these qualities if it doesn’t fit comfortably? All Tilley’s are designed to have a loose fit and to be secured if necessary by the wind cord, not by painful pressure around your head. For optimum comfort and fit Tilley recommend you should be able to slide two fingers inside the hat when you are wearing it.
    • Wind Cord: This tuck away wind cord was a must have feature by the company founder Alex Tilley, a sailor who was fed up with losing hats at sea. This strap is easily adjusted and just pops inside the hat when it’s not needed.
    • Ability to Float: Along with the wind cord, Alex Tilley wanted to make sure the hat could float. To accomplish this, the crown is lined with a thin layer of non-absorbent foam. This adds buoyancy to the hat and also additional sun protection.
  • Machine Washable: A must for headwear which is often overlooked by manufacturers. All Tilley’s can be safely machine washed at 30 degrees.

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