A Foreign Made Vending Machine Does Not Compare to an American Manufactured One


Whenever I visit any popular retail outlet, I am somewhat disgusted at the amount of foreign made product that is available for sale. It seems like I am bombarded by a massive quantity of stuff that just is not American. I guess what could be annoying is the fact I would rather prefer for a selection of American products. I value some things with American manufacturing and distribution. We can value the fact that American made products are well-made products. We know that we pay our workers an honest wage, give them benefits and treat them as humans and not robots. We should value the fact that we are investing into our country, our practices and our ideas. There would seem to be absolutely no point investing into a foreign economy.

I am not saying everything made by a foreign country is bad. We need a lot of valuable foreign made stuff, like electronics from Taiwan, computer chips from Ireland or high fashion from France. There are plenty of good things that are foreign made. My main problem is that we should wholeheartedly support an American made product. We should stand up with a bit of pride for the things we produce. Obviously, many people honor the American workforce and manufacturing industry. We should strive to keep the honor alive! We have been in an economical slump or “rollercoaster” for a while and I see the foreign markets being one of the causes. Once their markets slump, then our economy starts to suffer. Because we are paying for foreign products made by people in places like China to manufacturer and import our goods. We can be too dependent on their resources and labor force.

Many people might complain about a governmental agency or other outside influences to the economies wealth. What might really be the problem is we are simply valuing the amount of goods and price of them instead of the quality. Obviously big retail stores might care more about how much they can deliver and at what price, instead of how much quality something offers. There really is not any necessarily bad thing about this. Many people want to save some money, or find something a little cheaper. It does eventually end up benefitting the consumer. What many people could dislike is the fact that some foreign made things are simply badly constructed with little care put into the quality. These faulty products are made with only one idea in mind and that is price. Sometimes I think all they really do care about is delivering a cheap product and never paying attention to the details.

One of the problems in the vending business is foreign made machines. I am not necessarily calling all foreign made machines completely junk, but I am trying to elaborate that American made vending machines offer similar things with a heck of a lot better build quality. An American manufactured vending machine really does promote the kind of pride I enjoy in a product. There are some more valuable things about an American manufactured vending machine. For example, there are no plastic parts in them. Obviously, we all know that plastic parts tend to break after awhile. This could end up costing you money in the future by having to more frequently service the machine. That is what I like about an American manufactured vending machine.

The components are manufactured with metal parts, which should add longevity to your machines life. Many people know that when they buy an American manufactured machine, they are purchasing a product that will last much longer for them. This is because we honor the work we do and pass that integrity onto the consumer. Many companies spend valuable time, research and money on making their products better. This deals with American manufacturers because there are many expenses that are used on quality control and assurance. We tend to want to spend more money on the quality assurance and research because American manufacturers see the benefits of offering a stable and well-constructed product.

Underpaid workers, who have little motivation to do anything, might be the people making foreign made vending machines. Many different countries might employ these kinds of workers, just to save their company money. That is one problem I have with foreign made products. We never do really know the quality of the worker from where we get our foreign products. We might assume the better though. We could think that these foreign companies treat their workers just the same as we treat our American laborers. This could give the wrong impression. We are simply unaware of the foreign laborers conditions. That is why I can value American manufactured vending machines. I am never unaware of the benefits we give our American workers. I can trust these things about buying an American manufactured product.

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