Adolescent Drug Treatment – What to Look For in a Program

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With that in mind, how do you identify a good adolescent drug treatment program? Some essential characteristics to look for include:

12 step principles: The program does not need to be officially affiliated AA/NA; however, it should incorporate the traditional, time-tested 12 step principles that have made those organizations successful. In addition, these principles should be complemented by individual coaching and experiential opportunities. A spiritual emphasis is also highly desirable.

Family focus: Be sure to inquire about the family communication policy: Research has shown that the most successful adolescent drug treatment programs and residential Meth Withdrawal Symptoms treatment centers allow for routine family updates and regular communication opportunities. Look for options like family workshops, which will keep the lines of communication open between you and the facility – and more importantly, you and your child.

Licensed medical professionals: If you believe your child has a Co-occurring mental health disorder or has already been dually diagnosed, look for a program that provides substance abuse treatment and employs a licensed psychologist to address mental health challenges. If an underlying condition does exist, it’s important that your child receives treatment for it as well. The difference that it can make for his or her long-term recovery cannot be understated.
Flexibility: Multiple program levels, the potential choose between short or long-term treatment and an emphasis on each resident’s unique personal goals are just a couple of features you may wish to inquire about. Not only is this a good idea for practical reasons, it’s also a way to ensure that your teen will be treated as an individual – which is what every person in adolescent drug treatment deserves.

Additional options: Because addictions are often chronic, stress-related conditions, additional treatment options – such as EEG biofeedback and neurotherapy – can be a valuable complement to your child’s course of treatment. It may be worth your time to find a program that provides these types of options, particularly if your child is dually diagnosed. Treatments like these are becoming more conventional and are often recommended by medical professionals specializing in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Adolescent drug treatment programs are ideal as they are able to offer specialized care that is not possible with outpatient drug treatment.

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