Inpatient Treatment Programs – Good for the Patient or Sanctioned Torture?

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Benefits of Inpatient Residential Treatment for Alcoholism

Many people who suffer from alcoholism do eventually decide to receive treatment for their disease, and many times they choose to do so by entering into an inpatient alcohol recovery treatment program. Inpatient programs have the highest success rate at curing individuals’ disease of alcoholism. Below are several benefits that can be gained from entering into an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

Length of Stay

In order for anyone who suffers from alcoholism to overcome their disease they must be put into a structured environment for a prolonged length of time. Inpatient treatment centers provide the ability for an individual to endure this type of needed structure. All persons suffering from alcoholism should realize it is not a disease that can be simply cured within a couple of hours.

Approaches That Are Holistic

Many outpatient recovery programs do not take approaches toward treating their clients in a holistic manner; however, inpatient alcohol withdrawal timeline treatment programs do. Holistic approaches include treating a person as a whole; their entire body, mind and spirit.

Inpatient recovery treatment programs typically use a large number of trained and experienced staff members to treat each client. This allows for a client to receive a treatment program that is custom-tailored to their needs. And many times to help ensure the client receive treatment that will prolong their sobriety, Western medicine and somatic therapies are used in inpatient programs.

Treatment That is Respectful

When entering into an inpatient treatment program clients are treated with dignity and respect. Staff members at an inpatient facility are allotted enough time with clients to get to know them in a deep and personal way; this allows for the staff members to use their resources to effectively treat each client as they need to be treated.

Healing Environment

When clients go through inpatient treatment they are provided with a healing environment, which is crucial when trying to overcome alcoholism. A client’s meals, activities, and treatment programs are outlined and prepared for them, which allows for the client to specifically focus on their recovery.


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